piscinas padilla
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Maintenance, Construction, Repair



PADILLA POOLS S.L. enjoys great prestige in the region of Murcia and Mazarron in construction, rehabilitation and repair of swimming pools, having done extensive work with a high degree of satisfaction.

The pool, seen from the viewpoint of SL PADILLA POOLS should ensure overall enjoyment from access to the area itself, as itself in its use. The correct design, orientation and location is crucial, and meets every work and budget.

Using materials of assured quality construction and civil engineering techniques used, ensure the sealing and durability for years of his glass. Coatings and finishes with special attention are the standard of comfort of our works. From the budget, our role involves full advice, committing ourselves to the client and analyzing the details of the execution of the work. Ask for a quote.



We offer a wide range of chemicals, accessories, tools aimed at particular for the maintenance of your pool. We highlight our range of specialty chemicals for specific treatments for black algae, oils and creams, patches of metal precipitates, specific algicides electrolysis, chlorine-free treatment ...

Also, we offer sales and installation of equipment such as saline chlorination, dosing, heat pumps, robots, hot tub ....

Professionalism is our hallmark, so we always recommend bringing a water sample from your pool. In our laboratories analyze the conditions of its water, and we provide a counseling service. You can request an analysis and report writing, with dosages suitable product for your pool or spa.

Visit our store and take advantage of promotions during the season both for the maintenance items as gifts for the enjoyment of your pool. We also have air conditioning packs with covers and heat pumps. Maximize your system to use it all year. POOLS ARE NOT JUST FOR THE SUMMER!



In POOLS PADILLA S.L. We are committed to the professional sector, and offer an extensive range of high performance chemicals, in special formats for large doses, with the maximum guarantee of result.

To develop these maintenance, the professional can find in our shop a large variety of instrumentation for analysis of any parameter, and the relevant chemicals that are necessary for the correction of water status. We complete this service with specific accessories for professional use (cleaners, poles, hoses ...).


We stand out as the service pro shop water analysis. The client brings a water sample, and analyzed at the time the most important parameters:

· Free Chlorine / Total

· Bromine

· PH

· Alkalinity

· Calcium Hardness

· Stabilizer

· Iron

· Copper

· Nitrates

· Borates


Our analysis of water is not limited to use in swimming pools. When using the water for this use in spa or pool, we will provide a report with the actual values ​​and recommended values, advising you if you have any out of range of chemicals to be dosed to bring water to the bathroom. SECURE YOUR WATER QUALITY TREATMENT WITH OUR PROFESSIONAL AND SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS