piscinas padilla
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PADILLA POOLS S.L. a company dedicated to everyone of the pool, specialized in the construction, maintenance and advice, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers whatever their requirements.

The company was founded in 1996 on the initiative of Antonio Padilla, accumulating from the beginning a great experience and background that gives us a leading position in the sector, with a consolidated infrastructure, facilities and potential for adaptation to new needs. Since its inception, this family business has grown over the years, forming and expanding its staff, counting today for a professional team specialized in this sector.

We adapt always to the expectations of our customers, both private, public and collective as well as pool maintenance professionals and sports facilities. The quality of our service and product guarantee it to work with manufacturers and suppliers of highest reputation, both in chemistry. We work with manufacturers and brands of higher quality, specialized machinery and always abreast of new technologies.

Every day we strive for our customers to enjoy their facilities and enjoy a job well done.
Our effort and dedication ensure customer satisfaction in the most profitable